Pontoons and other products

Floating docks

The aluminium floating docks made by Poralu Marine are exceptional products that offer marina clients, high performance and durable solutions, and are also environmentally friendly as they are constructed from sustainable materials. The innovation incorporated into our marina designs are strengthened by the technical characteristics and details of our engineered solutions to make our products particularly resistant to the most extreme climates. The modularity of our docks gives marina operators the flexibility to configure and reconfigure layouts based on client needs. The clean and customisable look and aesthetic make Poralu Marine solutions and products popular for any upmarket operation.

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Fixed platforms and boardwalks

Poralu Marine docks are also installed in fixed or permanent, non-floating applications such as public piers or boardwalks. Their lightweight, yet highly durable construction allows for the docks to be installed on piles whilst maintaining the clean, high-end aesthetic to complement a marina.

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Jetties and fingers

The design and functionality of Poralu Marine jetties and fingers highlight the flexibility and modularity of our marina equipment. Poralu designed and built marinas have the capacity to accommodate various types of yachts and can be constantly adjusted based on need and demand. This flexibility is made possible by the design of the fingers themselves. Extrusions attach to the main jetty and clip and lock into place without any bolts. This allows for fingers to be moved, or removed, by simply sliding them up and down the aluminium channel of the main jetty. Fenders are also installed on the fingers and main docks which protect the hulls of yachts from rub marks or impact.
Another innovative component of the docks is the silent blocks that are used in connecting jetties together. They can withstand and resist more than 20 tonnes of tension, further guaranteeing the longevity of the dock installations.

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Pedestrian bridges by Poralu Marine serve a multitude of applications. From connecting walkways to a marina, to creating access over land or water from point A to point B, our bridges meet or exceed safety requirements. Regardless of incline or grade, our aluminium bridges consist of non-slip decking and come in a variety of colours and have design on demand railings.
In Ajaccio, France, Poralu Marine set the world record with the construction of a 65-metre aluminium bridge.

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Wave attenuator

Our concrete wave attenuators are designed to protect marinas and harbours.
These breakwaters are installed in waters that are exposed to very difficult weather conditions and tidal activities in order to reduce the impact of waves. They are composed of a concrete structure and filled with polystyrene for flotation. They are also reinforced with galvanised steel that meets the BS4449 and BS EN ISO 1461 standards and have a concrete decking surface that is also non-slip rated.

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Polyethylene floats

We manufacture all our floats through our own roto-mold process using polyethylene and expanded polystyrene (foam). Designed by and specifically for Poralu Marine equipment, our floats come with a 15-year warranty and offer clean, consistent, and environmentally superior floatation.

Key features of Poralu Marine floats:

  • Resistant to hydrocarbons and other pollution found in marinas
  • Integrated channels in the floatation allowing water or electric lines to be installed and serviced efficiently
  • Shock-resistant and grounded
  • Resistant to electrolysis
  • Ice-resistant
  • UV treated and protected
  • Non-polluting to the surrounding ecosystem
  • 15-year Warranty


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Concrete floats

With the use of Poralu Marine’s concrete floatation, stability and comfort can be achieved on even the most narrowest of docks.
Combined with our aluminium structure, concrete floats allow marinas to have the best of both worlds, concrete floats that can be produced on site, at any location in the world, and marine-grade aluminium docks that are adjustable and can be moved based on the size of the boats in the marina and needs of the client.

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To enhance a marina layout and amenities, we offer a wide-range of peripheral accessories that are carefully selected to meet the same requirements and the same level of quality as Poralu Marine products:

  • Electrical Pedestals
  • Wastewater pump-out systems
  • Gasoline/Diesel pumps
  • Security accessories and services
  • Public Access and Security gates
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