Mega-yacht and small pleasure-craft marinas

With a lifespan of more than 25 years, Poralu Marine marinas are designed to withstand the most extreme climates: temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius in Canada to 50 degrees Celsius in the Middle East, hurricane zones, snow and ice.

Modular and scalable, our marinas adapt to the size of boats in the harbour thanks to fingers that simply clip and lock into place with the extrusion profile onto the main dock – making it easy for marinas to accommodate longer and larger boats, on demand, even with extra-wide beams.

Our marinas are also further distinguished by a special design character that comes in several colours. Our Premium finish has been created specifically to fit into the most luxurious marinas and accommodate a wide range of customisable accessories.

Respect of the environment is, and always has been a founding principle in everything we do. Our eco-responsible products, sustainable business practices, and our approach to always make marine facilities better, highlight these facts. In all our projects, we use recyclable or recycled materials, install seabed-friendly anchoring systems, and offer products that collect floating waste and treat wastewater on-site.


Poralu Marine facilities are suitable for high-level sport and meet strict performance requirements.
Our low freeboard docks ensure the safety of athletes by having rounded shapes and angles that are protected with polyethylene caps. They are equipped with 100% recyclable Ecostyle decking, which is non-slip. ADA access is also available.

We have specifically developed a wide range of accessories for sporting associations such as folding cleats, launching rollers or recessed handles, all which contribute to why Poralu Marine is the partner of choice for major international sporting events.
Among our references :

  • Olympic and the Paralympic Games, London 2012
  • Youth Olympic Games, Singapore in 2010
  • World Rowing Championships, Lucerne (Switzerland) in 2001
  • World Junior Rowing Championships, Brive-la-Gaillarde (France) in 2009
  • World Rowing Championships, Aiguebelette (France) 1997


Our swimming platforms are great products for public leisure settings on the water such as lakes or bays. They animate a body of water and create additional recreational and congregating opportunities for swimmers and the general public. Safety is paramount, and these platforms are constructed in shapes and designs that are aesthetically pleasing and also very safe – with rounded edges and no exposed screws.

Our platforms can be equipped with a non-slip, UV-resistant Ecostyle deck as well as accessories such as safety ladders and marker buoys.
And our anchoring systems are designed to provide excellent stability whilst preserving the seabed.


Poralu Marine floating docks are ideal products for the private use of mooring boats in residential areas.
The quality the materials used, and the lack of maintenance required, guarantees homeowners will have a private dock that not only increases the value of their most cherished investment, but will offer them a lifetime of enjoyment.

The premium finish of the decking options as well as the wide choice of colours and materials available, allows our products to adapt to varying aesthetic tastes of a high-end residence.

Fishing, military, firefighters and police

For intensive activities related to the military, navy, commercial fishing, fire brigades and police, Poralu Marine has developed highly reliable products that require little maintenance.

The Ecostyle decking with its non-slip design has undergone intense shock and break testing. It is also resistant to chemical agents and hydrocarbons and has built-in fire resistance.
And our decking comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Delta defences, specially designed with deformation-resistant rubber, cushion the shocks associated with docking boats as they have a high capacity to absorb kinetic energy.

Furthermore, boats are tied to 10-tonne resistance bollards set through stainless steel bars and stainless screws to ensure a smooth distribution of stress along the aluminium rail.

Landing Platforms

To meet the specific needs related of public amenities, Poralu Marine has designed comfortable, safe and aesthetically-pleasing floating products.
Our docks can withstand heavy loads associated with berthing transport boats or large crowds of passengers, thereby ensuring the stability of the platform. Our docks can also be equipped with non-slip decking as well as a wide selection of accessories such as railings or security gates.
Multiple colours are also available for to give additional character, match existing infrastructure, or to offer a more luxurious finish.