Other activities

Production of unsinkable roto-molded floats, mooring and marker buoys, and modular docks



All ROTAX parts are made with medium-density polyethylene to ensure high resistance to stress, cracking and shock or impact. The materials used in production are treated with anti-UV agents which offer excellent protection from ultraviolet radiation. Our products are resistant to salt-water corrosion, static ice formation, hydrocarbons, tidal activity, marine plant growth and penetration from marine animals.

All floats are filled with expanded polystyrene (foam) beads inside the float, the foam forms as a large unified block within the mold. This process of the expanded foam within a polyethylene mould is highly reliable floatation solution that guarantees unsinkability, even in the rare event of a tear or crack in the polyethylene envelope.

All our floats are individually tested and warrantied for 15 years

For more information: www.rotaxmarine.com

Floating waste collection



The world-famous Seabin Project is a floating waste collector that collects waste and other forms harmful garbage such as micro-plastics as small as 2 millimetres. It was designed to collect floating plastic waste but also absorbs any type of waste found on the surface of the water, including hydrocarbons or oil. It can recover up to 10 kilograms of waste daily.

Its design is simple: The Seabin is attached to a dock, submerged and connected to an electric pump capable of moving 25,000 liters of water per hour and which creates a continuous current to attract floating waste to the collector.

Buy a Seabin:

Whole world except the territory of North America: seabin@poralu.com

For the territory of North America, the sale and distribution of Seabins is exclusively handled by WPS America and its distribution network. For any inquiries, please contact Gautier Peers at g.peers@WPS-America.com.

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Water Treatment Services



Specialising in wastewater treatment CEI provides its customers with innovative, comprehensive and autonomous solutions. Pump-out and water treatment, collection of floating waste, floating sanitary facilities, self-contained and autonomous living platforms, and renewable marine energy.
CEI is committed to implementing environmentally friendly and progressive solutions and assists its clients in obtaining their “Blue Flag” and/or “Clean Marine” accreditation.

For more information : www.cei-marine.com

Underwater anchoring solutions



As a specialist in safe anchoring systems, Nautiscaphe offers innovative underwater anchoring solutions and port supplies that respect the environment and the seabed.

Our team supports a variety of customers. Nautiscaphe offers mooring and anchoring solutions for floating docks, pipelines, offshore rigs, work barges, marker buoys and more.

For more information : www.nautiscaphe-ancrage.com

Maintenance and Repair Services



To optimise and extend the lifespan of Poralu Marine equipment, Poralu Marine Services supports its clients and customers throughout the life of their operations. We inspect marinas and service any marina equipment as required. Our commitment to long-term relationships with all our clients adds considerable value for marina owners and operators.

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Construction of Aluminium Walkways



Poralu Bridge is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium walkways and bridges.
The success of Poralu Bridge has been growing at a rapid pace based on the expertise that Poralu Marine has pioneered and sharpened over decades of research, development and innovation.

This has allowed Poralu Bridge to expand and diversify its land-use projects, using its technical expertise, and its growing portfolio of several giant land-based bridge installations as benchmarks and examples of success.

Recently, Poralu Marine set a world-record with a 65-metre aluminium bridge installation in the Port of Ajaccio in France.

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Design and Innovation Agency


EDDS Design

We have integrated an industrial design agency to design high-end products that will bring great ideas to life.

This dynamic agency is tasked with imagining the solutions of tomorrow, designing, them and engineering solutions that are tailor-made for specific applications.

Our team of designers and thinkers are working on ergonomically-friendly products that will offer solutions to enhance life in harmony with the environment.

For more information : http://eddsdesign.fr/