Marina Management & Consulting

MM&C will support your project with international expertise and local market insight. Our global approach offers strategies for a sustainable business model and maximization of ROIs.

Our unique 360° methodology


CARMa© – Continuous All-encompassing Resilient Marinas


Marina Management & Consulting supports you through the full cycle of your development, or across specific steps and milestones.


A comprehensive feasibility study formalizes the business model and its marketing, financial and technical aspect, to highlight how the marina will be integrated into its environment. This is a crucial step to give a GO or NO GO to the project.


The full scope of construction is covered from detailed design and engineering, project management, manufacturing, and installation. Pre-opening of the marina plays an important role in this phase: we implement all your management processes, launch the marketing and sales campaigns, hire and train your staff and get the marina ready to enter into operation.


We confirm and adjust what has been prepared during the pre-opening phase with the objective to bring the team to self-management or take over the operation of the marina on behalf of the customer. For existing facilities, our team of experts performs professional targeted audits to support the marina owner and the operation team on specific subjects or on the general management process.

Our added value


360° service

MM&C offers a 360° service to increase the attractiveness of your investment. We offer fully integrated professional marina consultancy services: from conception and construction to operation, your project is handled in-house by our experienced and knowledgeable teams.

Integrated marinas

Our offer can include retail management support to maximize the profitability of your premises. Achieving the right mix of retail activities at the optimal scale is key to strengthening a community and generating high revenues.

Sustainable solutions

Our sustainable solutions and practices distinguish us from our peers. Our focus throughout the process will be to reduce the impact of your marina installations and activities on local ecosystems.

Risk and profit sharing

To guarantee the maximum return on investment, MM&C partner with you from concept studies to management and operation, efficiently implementing your business model based on a risk and profit sharing approach.

Our team of experts

Christophe SAUNE

Director – International experience in design and build breakwater and marina projects.

Cedric LE REST

Operation Director – 20 years experience in marina opening, management and facilities integration (water and land).

MM&C Consultant

Business model expertise selected according to the type of marina.

MM&C Local Expert

Local market insight selected according to the location of the project.

On which projects of marinas have we already been involved?


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Escape marina, Indonesia


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