International recognition and accolades


In 2016, Poralu Marine was named “Eco-Responsible Maritime Company of the Year” for the development of multiple environmentally friendly marine solutions.

Aluminium, the clean, green solution


With the scarcity of natural resources become a reality, we have chosen to use aluminium for the design and fabrication of our products, due to the low environmental impact of this metal. With little to virtually no maintenance required, aluminium has an infinite lifespan and is 100% recyclable.

Environmentally friendly products


We are always striving to reduce the impact of our business at all stages of production. In addition to aluminium, we favour other recycled and recyclable materials, such as our Ecostyle® decking. This decking solution is porous and allows natural light to pass through and preserve underwater ecosystems and habitat.

Seabin, the oceanic trash collector


Designed for harbours, marinas, rivers, and lakes, the Seabin utilises a pump system to collect waste and hydrocarbons found on the water’s surface.

Seabin is the result of years of passion and engineering to help solve the crisis of polluted waters from plastics, microplastics and hydrocarbons. It is a collaboration between Poralu Marine and the Seabin Project, and the group’s research, development centre, and production tools have been made public through its distribution network in order to further promote Seabin installations around the world.

To lean more, please visit : http://seabinproject.com/

Discover Seabin, the ocean trash collector

Wastewater treatment


Marinas around the world have a growing need to offer wastewater or pump-out offerings – and Poralu Marine’s pump-out systems add tremendous value to a marina’s operations. Our pump-out systems make it easy to manage the processing of wastewater and also limit pollution related to boating activities.

To lean more : www.cei-marine.com

Committed to high environmental standards

Company-wide, Poralu Marine is committed to ensuring high standards and practices in minimising waste, and in the efficient usage of raw materials and energy.