Waterfront Development

Broaden your horizons

Enable people to live together more harmoniously and improve their individual quality of life.

The Waterfront Developments by PORALU MARINE improve the quality of life and well-being of their users. The essential connection between land and water and the development of a body of water are possible thanks to waterside promenades and floating leisure facilities.

This new approach opens up innovative possibilities for local authorities, property developers and the operators and owners of bodies of water.


Promenades create new spaces for green mobility and sporting activities, such as jogging or walking.  Promenades can be built on riverbanks (existing or not) or on water, in fixed or floating versions.

Developing your watersides or coastlines:

  • Significantly improves the quality of life of residents
  • Offers new green and airy pathways
  • Offers new possibilities for walking and cycling
  • Provides cool and pleasant areas for your residents in the summer
  • Makes good use of land at no cost to the local authority
  • Promotes sporting activities at the water’s edge and provides a spot where other users can relax



Reduction of:

  • the inherent cost of your project
  • the quantity of materials
  • the inaccessibility of the site
  • the footprint of the work site


Increase of:

  • your users’ well-being
  • the development of your land
  • the value of public spaces
  • the available space in your community


A made-to-measure urban landscape in keeping with our times.

These innovative spaces are created by installing patent-pending platforms that can be arranged in an infinite number of configurations. These modular and customizable platforms (planks, urban amenities, plant life, ambiances, etc.) bring entirely new spaces to life. They can be used for gardens, play areas for kids, sports fields, terraces, or a combination of any of these environments.

Different, customizable and complementary facilities, such as terraces, sports fields, gardens or play areas for kids, can cohabit in perfect harmony.

You can also develop biodiversity with our floating green rafts.


Controlled buoyancy

– Excellent stability and safety that meets the requirements of the standard EN14504

– And you are free to add urban amenities, such as guardrails, public lighting, benches, picnic tables and children’s play areas.



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