Global Leader

Poralu Marine is the world leader in marine-grade aluminium products


  • 2 production factories: France and Canada
  • 150 employees worldwide
  • Over 8,000 projects completed by Poralu Marine worldwide
  • 25 distributors spread across 5 continents
  • Over 80,000 mooring slips installed worldwide by Poralu Marine
  • On average, 250 projects completed annually by Poralu Marine

Infrastructure that is resistant to extreme environments

  • Temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C
  • Cyclones and tropical storms
  • Snow, ice and ultra-violet radiation

30-year lifespan for marine facilities and products with minimal maintenance costs

From its earliest days, Poralu Marine has always been a globally minded company. Almost immediately after opening its first manufacturing production facility in the Department of Ain, France in 1988, Poralu Marine was participating in European boat shows, the most notable being in Genoa, Italy. Modest beginnings quickly resulted in a comprehensive exporting of knowledge and expertise to a distribution network in major international markets that spanned the globe. The success of these efforts laid the groundwork for the next major milestone, the opening of a second production facility in Montréal, Canada.

Today, Poralu Marine has over 150 employees in offices that dot the world. In addition to the production/manufacturing facilities in France and Canada, we have sales offices in Hong Kong, Australia, and Dubai, as well as a network of distributors in every continent.

In 2009, building on the success of Poralu Marine’s international growth, the company’s product and services continued to increase with a wider range of services being offered. Working with our clients to offer turnkey marina developments has become a company trademark. From designing marinas, to consulting, engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, Poralu Marine supports its clients from A to Z with a fully managed approach to all projects by offering eco-friendly and responsible marine products, services, and equipment, such as anchoring solutions that respect eco-habitat and seabed life, as well as waster-water pump-out systems.

Designed and engineered to last, Poralu Marine’s marine-grade aluminium products have a lifespan of at least 25 years. The marina shown in this photo has been built in 1988 in Nernier, Switzerland.

The major projects in the history of Poralu Marine


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