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Founded with an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit, Poralu Marine charted its course to growth and success through hard-work, dedication and passion for nautical life. Innovation and creativity are in our DNA and through the mastering of cutting-edge skills and pioneering technologies, we have become a global marine industry leader. Our expertise in marine-grade aluminium products, underwater anchoring, water reprocessing as well as recycled plastic solutions, has buoyed us to push the envelope even further with high-end, turnkey nautical solutions

1968: Beginning of the family business. Lake Nantua, France.
1984: Poralu Marine is established. Production and sale of nautical equipment.
1988: Development Growth. First major European boat shows, and projects completed.
2001: International Expansion. Canadian production plant opens
2002 – Today: Expansion of products and services. Poralu Marine offers turnkey solutions.
2009: Diversification of services. New product designs for marine and land use projects.
2017 – Today: Strengthening our commitment to protecting the environment. Investment in research and development and increased support for eco-innovative start-ups.

Today, Poralu Marine is the world leader in marine-grade products and installations:

  • 2 production factories: France and Canada
  • 150 employees worldwide
  • 8000 projects completed by Poralu Marine worldwide
  • Infrastructure that withstands the extreme environments of Canadian winters and Middle East summers.
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For 35 years, Poralu Marine has continued to innovate and achieve major goals by relying on advanced engineering expertise, coupled with a thirst for ever-challenging projects and site conditions. This unwavering desire to innovate has allowed our teams of dedicated professionals to push the limits of technology and demand more for our clients and from ourselves. The results have been remarkable, with solutions that stand the test of time with premium performance and elegant design.

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Throughout our decades-long history, Poralu Marine has remained faithful to a core set of principles and values :

  • Team Spirit
  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Passion
  • Goodwill
  • Respect

These principles and values shape the social and philosophical pillars of why we love what we do and why we are successful. When you partner with us, you are choosing more than a product or service, it is an investment in performance, through a set of progressive values and mindset. We call it: The Poralu Spirit.

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As the global community faces growing environmental challenges, Poralu Marine is increasing its commitment to making the world and its resources, better and healthier whilst also minimising our own environmental footprint. With the use of recyclable and recycled materials, and with investments in research and development that are second to none, Poralu Marine is proud to offer exceptional products and solutions that enhance and respect the environment.

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