Dock gangways

Poralu Marine floating dock gangways are made of series 6005A T6 corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminium, built to last.

They come equipped with all aluminium railings -one meter in height from the top of the decking – and are vertically articulated. Transition plates are attached at the top and bottom of the aluminium dock gangway to ensure smooth continuity from fixed pier to gangway and again from the gangway to the main dock. There is also additional sheet metal joints and rollers to ensure the decking is protected and guarantees the longevity of the decking itself. Localised buoyancy compensators are also installed on the main dock in order to enhance the perfect flotation of the main dock which the dock ramp is attached to.

To ensure safety regardless of the bridge’s incline when following the water levels, aluminium non-slip grating is screwed onto the deck, adding extra non-slip protection.

For additional safety features, aluminium railings can be installed on the dock at the bottom of the dock gangway, thereby creating an extra safe arrival area.

For seamless integration with the design of the dock, the Poralu Marine dock gangway decking options are available in a variety of materials and colours. The design of the railings, while respecting the current standards, are fully customisable.

A new record for Poralu Marine demonstrating our expertise in the construction of aluminium bridges

With Poralu Bridge, the group dedicated to the construction of aluminium bridges, Poralu Marine achieved a new record with the construction of a 65-metre aluminium bridge.

Three aluminium bridges were built and installed in the commercial port of Ajaccio. They ranged in sizes of 65, 55 and 40 metres long.

These structures are used to connect the three dolphins of Albe (mooring sections) that host cruise ferries in the commercial port. The range of the longest bridge, 65 metres without support, is a world record.
Designed, engineered, and manufactured all in one piece, the bridge was transported and successfully installed. It is yet another example of the expertise and innovation of Poralu Marine, a world leader with aluminium products.

The bridges comply with European Union regulations and were installed in a record time of only two days. This successful project has beautified the port of Ajaccio and marked the official completion of the project.

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