Dock accessories

The wide range of dock accessories offered by Poralu Marine complement your marina facilities. They add to the aesthetic, functionality and safety of your floating pontoons. From electric pedestals to floating fuel stations that can service mega yachts, all of our accessories are adaptable to the size, needs of your marina, and of course, the demands from your moorage clients.

We offer dock accessories such as ladders, lifebuoys, gangways and secure gates to ensure the safety of boaters on the floating docks. The Ecostyle decking, tiles of non-slip polypropylene, can be part of a marina’s security plan: with the decking available in several colours it can be used to identify areas reserved for emergency situations.

Specific lighting can be installed to ensure the visibility of the area remotely and also at night.
For paddlers: rowing, kayaking and canoeing, we have developed a wide range of accessories, specially designed for water sports. Our low freeboard docks can be equipped with various accessories such as handles, launch pads, walkways with guardrails specially designed for athletes and boats. We have also adapted our docks for sport, including high-level competitive leagues, and have developed various accessories for many international competitions.

Our wastewater pumps help protect your marina’s water to reduce the risk of pollution associated with boaters’ activity. With our water and waste treatment solutions, we always support our clients in obtaining the “Blue Flag” as well as the “Clean Marine” accreditations.

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