Concrete dock floats

Poralu Marine’s concrete dock floats offer exceptional design, stability and performance to your floating pontoons.

They provide great stability to docking systems, specifically for small-width installations with specific needs in buoyancy. Our dock floats are also robust, and with their heavier weight, can be installed in higher tidal zones that require extra protection.

Combined with Poralu Marine aluminium structures, concrete pontoon floats offer additional stability to floating pontoons, with the benefit of modularity and adaptability of Poralu Marine docks.

The construction of our concrete dock floats meets concrete standards IN 206-1. They are encapsulated and reinforced by a layer of galvanized steel, ensuring optimal protection and resistance regardless of site conditions. They are filled with high-density expanded polystyrene foam which ensures their unsinkability.

All our floating pontoons are made of marine-grade aluminium frames. The structures that form the docks meet Eurocode 9 aluminium standards.

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