Mooring arms and finger docks

Poralu Marine mooring arms and finger docks benefit from the same technical characteristics as our main docks and jetties, ensuring matching quality for all the installation.  The frame and structure of the finger are built using series 6005A T6, corrosion-resistant marine-grade aluminium.

Our mooring arms and finger docks guarantee a high level of aesthetics for your marina installation. All our various options of deck floors are available for finger docks: Polypropylene tiles Ecostyle decking, composite wood Ecoteck decking, or natural wood decking. Matching fenders and corner bumpers ensure continuity with main fixed docks of floating jetties’dock equipment. The fenders, located on both the main docks and the fenders, as well as the angled corner bumpers, are made of polyethylene and ensure superior protection for the hulls of all yachts. The overall look of the marina is harmonised, simply stunning.

Mooring arms and finger docks attachments and connections have adjustable profiles throughout the length of the dock itself, without the need of disassembly of entire dock sections. This ensures that any adjustments or changes can be made with ease, throughout the life of the marina.

A network of silent blocks is used on all dock connections to link the entire length of a jetty. With more than 20 tonnes of resistance, the silent blocks ensure that natural movement of docks on the water is virtually without noise and that the connections and links remain strong – an engineered design to ensure a long-lasting marina facility.

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