Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club

Gibraltar Spain



The Royal Gibraltar Yacht Club is a private yacht club located at the southern tip of Spain. The marina itself is located in a protected bay and enveloped by the entrance channel.

In addition to the 45 slips, this Yacht Club is designed to accommodate a natural swimming pool and also has a resting area for boaters.


Technical traits

Poralu Marine designed and developed the water area: a dock is installed along the wharf to allow for the installation of fingers which are perpendicular to the wharf. The dock fingers provide comfort to boaters who can easily tie up to the dock – they are also comforted in knowing that their yacht’s hull is protected from impact or scratches by the polypropylene fenders that are attached to the fingers and docks.

The docks have been installed in a manner that clearly identifies the space dedicated as a natural swimming pool. Access to the natural pool is provided through the use of two, twin platforms and gives boaters a safe area to rest and relax in.

Four boardwalks provide access from the wharf to the marina, including a 16-metre walkway.

The marina’s docks are anchored using Seaflex and an H beam guide anchoring system along the wharf.

Poralu Marine’s Ecostyle polypropylene decking was used on all the docks. Weather-resistant, virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean, this decking solution offers enhanced UV protection and a non-slip rating, making it an ideal material and product for the marine environment.



Design, and manufacturing of all the new docks for the marina.