La Grande Motte Harbour

La Grande Motte France



Renovation and replacement of the existing marina.

The Port of La Grande Motte has 1,500 slips that can accommodate boats up to 24 metres in length. Nestled in a resort setting in the south of France, this exceptional location has significant natural and historical heritage.

As an innovative marine-industry partner, La Grand Motte hosts the annual International Multihull Boat Show. With the marina’s flexible, modular and durable Poralu Marine equipment; it can accommodate the variety of multihull yachts and their corresponding beams.


Technical traits

Poralu Marine manufactured and installed the modular, durable and easy-to-maintain floating infrastructure required for the Port of La Grande Motte.

The docks are anchored with piles and the decking is the Ecostyle-line, polypropylene tiles which offer non-slip and UV-resistance. It is particularly easy to maintain due to its tile system of assembly which allows for easy access to mechanical and electrical services.

Blue and red tiles are installed on the docks to safely identify and alert boaters to access areas for water and electricity services.

For the annual International Multihull Boat Show, the Poralu Marine equipment is re-arranged based on need and demand: the floating pier that serves as a welcome dock throughout the year is move and transformed into a pedestrian reception area for visitors of the show.

The Port of La Grande Motte is a progressive leader in promoting and co-developing solutions for protecting seas and oceans. As such, the marina was the first facility in the world to pilot the Seabin – the oceanic waste collector manufactured by Poralu Marine. This partnership helps combat the plastics and pollution problems experienced in waters all over the world.




Manufacturing of the floating docks of the new marina.
Collaboration with the Port of La Grande Motte for the co-development and deployment of the Seabin.