Floating platforms and boat launch for the City of Nanaimo

Nanaimo, British Columbia Canada



A unique hockey programme televised across Canada. The City of Nanaimo hosted this celebration of hockey and wanted to do something to pay homage to Canada’s hockey-loving history: Play the sport on a floating platform in a lagoon. After the event, the docks would be re-purposed as part of a legacy project for the community. The final result: new community boat launches and docks for boaters and paddlers alike.

The site is sheltered but the marina is subject to the significant tidal variations of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.


Technical traits

Optimal use of the modularity of Poralu Marine floating docks:

  • First use of the docks as a floating event for the Rogers Hometown Hockey programme. Docks were paired and temporarily anchored to the shore with articulated brackets.
  • Upon completion of the week-long hockey event, the docks were uninstalled, moved, and re-installed as boat launches and floating docks anchored on piles.



Turnkey project.

Project management.

Design, construction and installation of floating docks during both use: floating platforms and boat launches.

Supervision of the dual installation.


As one of the most creative and innovative uses of Poralu Marine docks, we literally got to play hockey ON the docks, and then play Lego WITH the docks. Poralu Marine technology and know-how enabled the City of Nanaimo to capitalise on a long-term investment and create a legacy project for the community. This unique event was appreciated by all participants and watched across the country.
Odai Sirri - Director of Operations: Waterfront Holdings Ltd