Poralu Marine: feminine talents

World famous innovative products, the ambition of taking part in protecting the environment… To harness these feminine talents, Poralu Marine entrusts international responsibilities to its newly hired employees, while helping them with their personal development.

Its port facilities are exceptional products. Poralu Marine has been designing, manufacturing and installing unique solutions and recreational boating facilities for thirty years. We can find them on all the oceans and seas, rivers and lakes: already over 8,000 installations around the world! The activities of our various Group brands – Poralu Marine, All Nautica, CEI, Nautiscaphe, Poralu Bridge and Rotax – all bear witness to this constantly renewed offer.

All of this originated in Port, a little town in Ain, France, not too far from Geneva and Lyon, where the main production site is still located. Founded thirty years ago on humanistic values, this audacious SME is continuously diversifying its recruitments to keep on renewing itself: profiles that are sometimes unconventional, people who dream of travelling.

Claire Touvier, Project Manager, Seabin Project, installs Seabins throughout the world

A Grenoble Graduate School of Business alumnus, Claire began her career at Carrefour, then GL Events before succumbing to the temptation of the Poralu Spirit. What attracted this trilingual young lady to Poralu Marine – and reciprocally – was a frame of mind, as Claire always strives to be “curious, positive, tenacious, and creative.” She is currently in charge of the industrialization and sales of waste collection solutions in aquatic environments, such as the Seabin. A Seabin is a device to collect floating waste that is manufactured by Poralu Marine in a partnership with its two Australian inventors, who founded the Seabin Project.  What Claire likes best is promoting this ecological innovation that more and more ports are installing so that their water and banks will naturally be cleaner.

Marie-Alexandra Hegot, Pacific Area Manager, decided to live in Australia

An engineer who specialized in marine science with a backpack always ready for a new adventure, Marie-Alexandra skyrocketed herself from the ISITV in Toulon (Var) to the world of offshore oil rigs. First in Paris, then in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She stayed there a few years before joining Poralu Marine’s Asia-Pacific pole in the beginning of 2018, attracted by our corporate values. Based in the east of Australia, she’s in charge of commercial development and customer relations in the Pacific zone. This avid traveler has all she can dream of to pursue her passion for the marine world!  

The “Poralu Spirit,” where our vision and culture are based on strong humanistic convictions

Poralu Marine believes that you should love the place where you work. This attitude is defined by an expression used in the workplace: the Poralu Spirit. Two words that imply values, corporate culture and relationships with employees as well as all the company’s stakeholders.

 This is how Laurent Gasiglia, the General Manager, defines the Poralu Spirit: “To design and roll our solutions out, all of our employees have to share the same strong convictions. The Poralu Spirit is all of the values and principles that place respect for others at the heart of each and every project.  That concerns the relationships employees have between themselves, as well as external ones, with our clients, partners and suppliers. We want to attract employees and choose agents, who, wherever they are in the world, always pay attention to our corporate values and culture. This is how we’re able to make sure that our customers will all share the same Poralu Spirit.” 

Poralu Marine, a “masculine” environment where woman have their place

The universe of the sea and construction is one that is doubly impacted by a very strong masculine presence. With its many feminine profiles in high-responsibility functions, once again Poralu Marine has proved its ability to innovate and break away from the codes usually in force.

Does your profile correspond to Poralu Marine’s DNA? Why don’t you apply for a job: recrutement@poralu.com