Welland International Watersports Centre

Welland, Ontario Canada



Creation and construction of modular and scalable floating installations that allow for a multitude of different configurations for nautical-based events and various annual sporting competitions.

The site is subject to severe winter conditions. The docks are in ice throughout winter.


Technical traits

Specific low-freeboard docks suitable for high-level sporting competitions. The Ecostyle decking is non-slip polypropylene tiles, ensuring the safety of athletes.

The design of the docks and the modularity of the marina equipment offers flexibility and scalability to adjust the layout and design as needed for various nautical events.

The docks are equipped with accessories developed exclusively by Poralu Marine for competitive sporting purposes.



Turn-key project.

Poralu Marine designed the docks and various configuration options to accommodate the range of nautical events hosted. Construction and installation of the docks were also completed by Poralu Marine.



Thanks to the performance of Poralu Marine's products and services, the Welland Boating Centre has convinced international federations that we are their best choice to organize major competitions in different sports: rowing, kayaking sprint, dragon boats, kayak polo, and even open-water swimming! The modularity of the docks allows our teams to adapt the design with ease and to accommodate each new event, and then return it back to their original design.
Stephen Fischer - Welland International Watersports Centre