Vidy Harbour

Lausanne Switzerland



Providing new marina equipment for the city of Lausanne as part of the redevelopment of the harbour.

The city of Lausanne is located on the north shore of Lake Geneva in the French-speaking canton of Vaud, Switzerland, in the heart of a protected and preserved natural reserve.

The marina of Vidy has 750 slips for boats of 8 to 10 metres.


Technical traits

The floating docks are installed with Poralu Marine’s Ecostyle polypropylene decking. These tiles require little-to-no maintenance and also benefit from other traits such as a non-slip rating as well as UV protection.

For the comfort of boaters, mooring arms and fingers are installed into the main docks with an extrusion that wraps around the dock and locks in place. The fingers highlight the modularity and adaptability of Poralu Marine equipment and installations. Essentially, a large variety of boats and boat sizes can be accommodated in the marina. The fingers also have fenders on the corners and sides that protects the hulls of boats.

The gangway connects the shore to the marina, facilitating access for boaters.



Manufacturing and installation of all new equipment.