Puerto Escondido Marina

Puerto Escondido, Baja California Peninsula Mexico



Complete renovation and redevelopment of an end-of-life marina facility:

  • Increase the number of boats in the marina from 25 to 120
  • Increase the size of boats in the marina to accommodate yachts up to 37 metres in length

Provide new high-end facilities to accommodate luxury superyachts.

The marina is located in a known hurricane area.


Technical traits

Marina design, including 3D visuals, and design of all the elements of the marina: docks, wave attenuator, anchoring system, electrical and mechanical services as well as a fuel station.

Assistance with permit drawings.

Wave attenuation was achieved with a concrete breakwater.

Construction of hurricane-resistant docks.

Re-use and integrate existing Poralu Marine docks which had been installed 17 years ago – and utilise existing dock infrastructure in the new marina configuration.

Replace existing anchoring system of piles with Seaflex anchors.



Turnkey project.

Management and supervision of the project in its entirety.
Complete and provide all design details of the marina (including 3D visuals).

Manufacture and install the floating docks.

Wave attenuation: Conduct site studies, engineering works and the integration of the concrete breakwater modules into the new marina.

Minimise the environmental impact of the marina through the use of environmentally friendly materials.



Poralu Marine made our dream come true! Our marina will promote the economic development of our region while preserving the natural legacy we are willing to transmit from one generation to another.
Enrique Salcedo - Associé et Gestionnaire de la marina – Puerto Escondido, Mexique