Porto Pozzo Marina

Porto Pozzo Italy



Porto Pozzo is a natural fjord located on the north coast of Sardinia that offers good protection against the mistral (strong northwesterly winds).

The project involved the construction of a new marina to replace the temporary docks that were installed during the summer season.

For this major project, the port has been completely redesigned to accommodate elegant floating facilities and high-end services.



In order to add real value to the project, Poralu Marine has accompanied its client from the beginning of the project by carrying out the design of the marina through our office of qualified engineers, with the aim of optimizing the number of boat places available on the water.

The aesthetics of the docks were chosen with particular care: Sand-coloured Ecostyle polypropylene decking, which fit beautifully with the natural environment and the architecture of the site, were a perfect fit for this location.  Our client chose the Premium Poralu Marine finish with Ecostyle decking, rounded lateral fenders on the docks, as well as accessories such as stylish cleats and an overall contemporary design which created aesthetic synergies for the overall project.

Due to the specific site conditions of the Port Pozzo marina, such as shallow water areas, some of the docks were built as fixed structures and then connected to floating docks. In order to allow for easy and smooth access back and forth; gangways serve as the transition between floating and fixed structures.

To protect the entire marina from intermittent weather and tidal activity, and to ensure comfortable and stable access, the docks located on the outer parts of the marina have concrete floats. In addition to the floatation and stability that they offer, the concrete floats serve as a wave attenuator and help reduce the impact of tidal activity on the rest of the marina and therefore protect the boats in the inner harbour.

The rest of the docks are installed with polystyrene-filled, polypropylene floats.


Environment and innovation

As an eco-responsible marina that cares about the surrounding environment and the eco-habitat of the region, two self-service wastewater pump-out systems were also installed.

Two mooring stars were also installed in the marina in order to deal with the increase in moorage activity during the summer months. This innovative anchoring and mooring solution allows the marina to welcome an additional eight boats to tie a single anchor point.



Turnkey project.

Site study, custom design, manufacturing and installation of floating docks, fixed docks and mooring stars.

Installation of wastewater pump-out system.