Marina Anse Marcel

Saint Martin West Indies



Renovation and enhancement of the marina’s docks.

Consisted of the construction and installation of the marina with new Poralu docks with the Premium line of decking and accessories to accommodate high-end yachts ranging from 15 to 37 metres.

This marina is located in a known tropical cyclone area.


Technical traits

Specific aluminium extrusions and docks 12-metres in length were installed in individual sections, improving the efficiencies of the anchoring system and minimising the number of piles. The Project had difficult access (only through water) and all the solutions provided had to factor this technical difficulty.



Turnkey project.

Design, manufacturing, and installation of new Poralu docks.


Poralu Marine's docks with the Premium line are incredible and proved themselves in spectacular fashion by withstanding a category 5 level hurricane in 2017, Hurricane Irma. Our docks remained operational after the hurricane, whilst other marina facilities in Saint Martin were destroyed.
Wack Renaud - Marina Manager