Italian Military Navy Training Centre

Sabaudia Italy



Design and construction of the Navy Military Rowing Training Centre.

Sabaudia, located south of Rome, is a city known for its ideal rowing and canoeing conditions.

The Military Navy wanted to create a training centre to host international rowing competitions. The Sabaudia centre is now one of the most attractive facilities in Italy.



Poralu Marine provided consulting expertise in advance of the project. The preliminary site study optimised the installation of the three, low-freeboard docks ensuring the best use of the available space on the water and better facilitate the launch of the boats.

Rowing docks have been equipped with several accessories specially developed for rowing such as folding cleats, walkways adapted for athletes carrying their equipment. In addition, the Ecostyle decking was selected owing to its non-slip properties.



Turnkey project.

Design, construction and installation of rowing docks.