Poralu Marine joins forces with Biopratic, a water and energy autonomous gardening system

For several years, diversification has been a key part of Poralu Marine’s business model, which has resulted in the development of new products and services as a complement to turn-key marinas solutions. The approach is part of Poralu Marine’s objective to grow and diversify its offer while playing a role in environmental conservation. Within this framework, Poralu Marine has announced the inclusion of an innovative patented concept, currently marketed under the tradename of Biopratic: a water and energy stand-alone gardening system. Through this collaboration, Poralu Marine further completes its services and can use its industrial strength to give the concept a new dimension.


Poralu Marine and Biopratic, two innovative green players, join forces in their commitment to protecting the environment
Through its scale, size and industrial strength, Poralu Marine has the capacity to financially support the development and industrial structuring of innovative projects. It can also find ways to use technology for new purposes in everyday life. By joining forces with Biopratic, the Group effectively supports a meaningful project, and a company that shares the same values. Both companies are aware of the impact of their respective activities on the environment; ecology is a major variable in their development. Poralu Marine is now pursuing a business model based on environmental protection and is developing products and services designed to preserve the environment. Biopratic is an innovative concept that draws its efficiency from solar energy and combines modern technology with nature.
Within the framework of this alliance, Poralu Marine will catalyse its skills to bring a new dimension to the product by identifying new uses and targets, defining a range of products, creating new designs and promoting the product.
“We are convinced that our added value as a manufacturer lies in putting technology to new uses in everyday life. Taking part in innovative projects, supporting inventors, and believing in start-ups require humility and consideration. By gearing the company to serve people and communities, we create a wonderful opportunity to embark on a unique personal and entrepreneurial adventure,” explains Laurent Gasiglia, CEO of Poralu Marine.
“It is essential for us to work closely with a company that shares our values. We will be able to generate momentum for Biopratic and increase its marketing potential. I am happy to be writing this new chapter alongside Poralu Marine”, adds Fabrice Ferrari.


Biopratic, the first sustainable, autonomous garden planter
Biopratic is the solution that reconciles each and every one of us to gardening. It combines technology with environmental preservation. Measuring 100cmx100cm and 35cm deep, this autonomous garden boasts several features that make it much more than a growing container. It is self-sufficient and facilitates the maintenance of the garden by drawing on an internal water reserve. The reserve recovers rainwater and watering water to supply the plantations and waters the plants by itself. The solar-powered automatic watering kit makes maintenance easy and can be controlled remotely via a dedicated application from a smartphone or tablet. Biopratic uses clean, recyclable materials that are designed to be long-lasting, guaranteeing respect for the environment and a low carbon footprint.
The resulting water savings, the materials used and its self-sufficiency give Biopratic real added value: you can now vegetate areas that are otherwise difficult to plant, such as concrete or waterproofed surfaces – and all with no maintenance!
The concept is intended for professionals – private companies, property developers, urban architects, – and city dwellers who wish to rediscover the pleasure of gardening easily and with few constraints. It would also suit local authorities and communities that would like to green public spaces.


Poralu completes its offer for marina development and management
This addition is part of a strategy of product diversification and the launch of new activities that was initiated several years ago: BRIDGE gangways, floating constructions, and Marina Management & Consulting. In 2021, the Group strengthened its commitment to environmental preservation by launching The Searial Cleaners, the world’s first range of coastal waste collectors.
Today, the company is continuing to diversify with this totally innovative and ecological concept, which can be developed in conjunction with the development of marinas. So far, Biopratic has only been available in France. Poralu Marine’s ambition is to penetrate new export markets, and distribute Biopratic products internationally.