Once upon a time there was… the Poralu Spirit!

Luc is thirty… A bit older in real life! But he has spent thirty years of his professional life in our company. He was the very first employee. He lived through the creation stage (no-one had heard of a start-up then!), shared our entire adventure and plans to continue supporting us… Luc embodies everything we love at Poralu Marine, and what we find in the Poralu Spirit values: team spirit, sense of commitment, humility, enthusiasm, friendliness and respect.

At 11 a.m. on 6 June all the employees on the site were invited to a meeting where Jean-Pierre and Philippe Carminati, founders of the company, were present. Videos and a song had been created for him, humorously tracing his career and reflecting his personality. He was presented with gifts honouring his loyalty and commitment. Jean-Pierre Carminati, Managing Director of the Group, saluted the exemplary nature of this day-to-day commitment, recalling the milestones in the growth of Poralu Marine.

 Poralu Marine: a vision and a corporate culture conveyed by strong humanist convictions

Since it was founded in Port, a small town in the Ain (France) near Geneva and Lyons, Poralu Marine has travelled the whole world to offer its vision of sustainable development, designing and producing marina equipment and harbour developments on the seas, lakes and water courses of the five continents. Recently it has modelled and mass produced the Seabin, a collector for marine waste designed by Australians who have enjoyed worldwide success.

From the beginning Poralu Marine has been driven by the conviction that “men and their organisation really make the difference”, and it has remained loyal to its principles and values.

 Our sustainable development policy is a natural completion of our original convictions, recalls Laurent Gasiglia, Managing Director. This search for performance, both economic and human, which aims to satisfy all the players and stakeholders of the company, has become Poralu Marine’s true philosophy. It starts in the very heart of its daily business: in the design of its products, its staff relations, its customers, its suppliers and more globally with its environment. “

 This is not just words, the Poralu Spirit is felt every day. What is the secret to its continued existence? Remaining loyal to our values for 30 years. We believe in each person’s potential and we focus on staff well-being.